Deer Path Farms



Our Design Process is as unique as our Construction Process.


At Deer Path Farms, there are no preconceived designs.

Each attached single family home is individually designed to ensure that the interior and exterior spaces reflect the homeowner’s personality, vision, and you the unique ability to have “exactly what you want.”

During the design process the perspective buyer meets with the architect/developer over a period of many months. The home is designed with each homeowner as if they were designing a custom single-family home. The architect/developer sits down with each perspective homeowner to discuss their vision and the way they would like to live.

They discuss the feeling the homeowners would like to have as they approach their home

...what they would like each room to feel like when they get up in the morning...

...what they would like each space to look out on and

where they would like the sun to be throughout the day...

Imagine a home that was able to grow and change with you.

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