Deer Path Farms
Green & Sustainable
Both the interior and exterior spaces around each home at Deer Path Farms are carefully and consciously designed with thoughtful attention to environmental impact, energy efficiency, sustainability, and the beauty of the whole community.
Meandering stone roadways wind through the spectacular wooded vistas, creating a tranquil setting for these one-of-a-kind custom homes. The stone allows water to permeate the ground surface and replenish the aquifer below. Also, in the spirit of using local materials whenever possible, all of our rock, stone and boulders are from a nearby quarry less than five miles away. This remains one of the many environmentally responsible choices make every day at Deer Path Farms.
We try to cut down as few trees as possible, positioning the homes around the trees, transplanting while we build.
Planting is constantly being done around the homes in order to ensure that each home has privacy and the protection it needs to be energy efficient. Deciduous trees shade the homes in the summer. As they lose their leaves during the fall and winter, sunlight is invited into the homes, promoting passive solar energy absorption. Evergreens and other coniferous trees create mini climates around each home and provide year round beauty.
Attention to Passive Solar Architecture in design and construction allows the sun's light energy to filter in, greatly reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool each home.
Thoughtfully placed glass maximizes the potential for solar energy absorption while enhancing the private views of tree and flower lined grass vistas.
 We carefully select all of the materials when building each home. The sun’s natural energy is absorbed and stored in the concrete, plaster, wood, tile, marble, and granite materials we use inside each home, to be released as heat energy during the night. Building Green is not something new for Deer Path Farms. In fact, we have been building and designing Green homes from the very beginning, since the mid 70s, even before there was a name for it.
We try to use materials that do not require a lot of energy and natural resources to produce. They must not adversely affect the environment.
We build each home as its own stand alone structure, separating each home to create the greatest sound proofing possible.


 Instead of producing homes as quickly as possible, we focus on individualized design enabling each new home to enhance the overall value of the community. Each home looks and feels more like a single family home.
The materials that we use will not fatigue in years to come, but will last indefinitely so that maintenance is minimal. We insulate the exterior around each home beginning with the foundation using two inches of rigid insulation that does not lose its insulating value as time goes by, as other types of insulation do. This gives the concrete mass inside each home the ability to absorb passive solar energy and retain heat, allowing for greater energy efficiency. We continue insulation on the entire exterior surface of the home, which is then covered with the exterior wall finish. This acts like a heat blanket, keeping the wood structure from coming into contact with the exterior temperature.
The result is a sustainable community of remarkably energy efficient homes. From the design to the smallest detail, we incorporate green technology and sustainable products to keep the maintenance fees as low as possible while preserving the environment.
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