Deer Path Farms


During the design process, homeowners often bring in pictures of spaces they feel drawn to and dimensions of the furniture they would like to have in their new home. Gradually bubble diagrams become unified spaces as plans and elevations are drawn, constantly reevaluating the relationship of spaces. A scale model of each home is constructed and trees, boulders, and meandering stone walls are added so that one can see the exterior spaces and private, wooded areas around the home.





The design process is both collaborative and gradual because it enters into all aspects of making a home a very personal, satisfying, and pleasing experience.


Each new home is designed to meet the needs of the homeowner rather than feel like a space that was designed for someone else.


The design development model comes apart, making it possible to study the interior spaces in three-dimension.

This allows you to arrange your furniture before your home is built.

By simply using a flashlight, the homeowner can see how and where the sun will filter in throughout the day.

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